June 2, 2022

Dear APCs,

We are following up on our announcement from last week about the Settlement Agreement with Sutter that was signed on 5/20/22. This agreement corrected a number of issues in our working conditions, and there was a lot to understand about it. We want to be sure you know about two of the provisions in this agreement in particular.

First, we agreed to a temporary remedy regarding holiday pay that gives us a choice about how we want to handle holidays while we are still in negotiations. To be clear, the union can negotiate something different at the table that will go into our final contract; this is only applicable while we are still in bargaining.

The exact language is:

“At the election of the Union, which shall be made within fourteen (14) days of this Agreement, PAMF shall either (i) restore the previous holiday schedule applicable to the SWICs, or (ii) maintain the current holiday schedule. In the event that the Union elects to restore the prior holiday schedule, APCs scheduled to work a holiday shall receive eight (8) hours of pay but shall only be required to work six (6) hours on the holiday.”

Please complete this brief survey ASAP to let us know if you would prefer the first option (restoring the previous holiday schedule), or the second option (maintaining the current holiday schedule).

Second, the settlement includes a provision that APCs can request to change their FTE status. Please note that you have until June 18th, 2022, to notify management if you wish to change FTE status.

The exact language is:

One-Time Change in FTE Status. On a one-time basis, at the Union’s election, APCs may request to change their current FTE status within thirty (30) days of the execution of this Agreement. PAMF may initially approve or deny any individual FTE status change request based on operational needs but shall accommodate the request within 180 days.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to your union representative.

In unity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Melissa Slalski

Aphrodite Roberts

Kamaljit Kaur

Vickie Perez

Brooke Merrin

Wei-Ling Huber

Adolfo Riedel






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