ESC Local 20 PG&E Member Bulletin: March 30, 2020

Online Voting Details for Contract Extension


Dear ESC members at PG&E,


As authorized in the ESC PG&E Unit Constitution, ESC will conduct the ratification vote for the Contract Extension Agreement online using “ElectionBuddy,” a secure, encrypted election service used by many other unions and other kinds of organizations.  

The election is planned to open at 9 am on Thursday, April 2 and close at 5 pm on Thursday, April 9.  There is a possibility that it may be delayed due to a delay in placing ElectionBuddy’s internet credentials onto PG&E’s IT safe senders list. If there is a delay, we will send another notice on Thursday, and will of course notify all members once the problem is resolved and the election can start.


Each member will receive a unique “Access Key” generated by Election Buddy. Election Buddy will email the access key to each member’s PG&E email address. Here are key points about the online voting:

  • Look for an email from – add this email address to your safe senders list so it does not get filtered into spam.
  • If you will not be able to access your PG&E email during this period, or do not want to use your PG&E email for the voting, please use the following link to notify us: Submit Alternate Email Address.  
  • If you provide us notice before April 2, we can change the email address on the election list and you will receive your original access key. If you notify us during the election period, ElectionBuddy can change your email address and send you a new access key (if you have not already voted).  
  • If you have questions about the balloting, please contact Daniel O’Connell at  


We are sorry if this is redundant – in our previous notice we thought that ElectionBuddy could send the access key to two email addresses simultaneously, but that turned out not to be the case. So you will need to choose which email address you want to receive the access key. The default will be the PG&E email address unless you submit a different one through our link.


You can review the text of the extension agreement here and our Q&A slide presentation here.


As a reminder, the contract extension provides for:

  • Extend current contract through 12/21/2025
  • 3.75% General Wage Increase each year: January 1 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025.  
  • No increase to the cost of health insurance. Freeze the medical insurance premium copayment dollar amount at 2020 levels through 2025. HRA, point-of-service copays, deductible, and out-of-pocket max remain as they are.
  • No layoffs during the term, unless agreed to by ESC. This does not prevent termination of an employee for cause.


The PG&E Unit Executive Board of ESC unanimously recommends a YES vote on the agreement. We hope all members will participate and help secure these critical benefits for our future.  


In Solidarity,


John Mader, ESC President

Joel Foster, ESC Secretary-Treasurer

Karen Sawislak, ESC Executive Director

Joshua Sperry, ESC Senior Union Representative