We are pleased to announce that after months of negotiations, we have finally reached an agreement with management at Sonoma County regarding a permanent telework arrangement available to all county workers. This agreement was made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of our ESC stewards working in coalition with members from all the other unions that represent county workers.

Telework Policy and Guidelines

Overtime Eligible Telework Agreement

Overtime Exempt Telework Agreement

Telework Questions and Answers

The agreement sets a process for all county employees to have the opportunity to request telework arrangements through your direct supervisor, as long as your work schedule allows for it and you are able to fulfill your job assignments and continue to provide services to the community members in the county.

Telework arrangements may look different depending on your role and the team you work in, but every county employee now has the right to make a request to work remotely. County employees should be notified by their supervisor verbally or in writing if their requests are denied, and employees can have this decision re-reviewed by a department head if they feel the request has been denied unreasonably.

Please note that telework is optional and at the discretion of each team’s manager based on the necessary job duties and responsibilities. Please reach out to your union steward or representative if you feel that your request for telework has been unreasonably or unfairly denied, as we want to ensure an equitable approach to how telework is approved.

Your steward is able to assist if you have any other questions or concerns about the agreement.

We would like to extend much appreciation to the members of the Telework Committee and ESC shop stewards who worked together with members of the other unions to negotiate this agreement with the leadership of Sonoma County. This agreement and our solidarity are yet another example of the power of organized workers united to improve conditions in their worksites. Now, we must continue to work together to make sure the agreement is implemented fairly and reasonably.