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Over the last several months, we have had several bargaining sessions for our new contract.


Earlier this month, we proposed a 5% per year increase for 3 years. We also asked for a one-time wage adjustment for steps 6 – 9 for CLSs so they are at or closer to the market and that Rehab and Pharmacy match or get closer to the market as well.


Last Thursday, management REJECTED our proposal and only offered 1% for 6 months, then 0.5% for the next 6 months (repeated for 3 years).


We are also still pushing for:
  • The ability to use more Educational Leave for online classes
  • Stronger successorship/subcontracting protection language
  • Additional steps for Rehab, and new levels in classifications such as PT II, OT II, ST II, and the 3/5th, 4/5th, 4/10 positions
  • “Preceptor pay” differential when training students in all departments


But management has shown little interest in our proposals.


We are very frustrated and disappointed with the lack of movement on management’s behalf and their lack of interest in working with our proposals. In fact, it almost seems as if they should have just asked for a contract extension rather than bargaining if there wasn’t going to be a serious consideration of our proposals.


Next week Management is bringing in the CFO to give what will surely be a “sorrow story” presentation on their economic situation.


Over the next few weeks, it is more important than ever that we are able to communicate with each other. Make sure you and your colleagues sign up for important union updates. We will keep you updated as bargaining continues.


In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Raj, Lacel, Brandon, Maichi, Jermaine, Jason, and Grant