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Kaiser has reached out to the unions to start the process of an orderly post-strike return to work tomorrow morning. The strike concludes at 6 am tomorrow, October 7th.  Kaiser requests that employees return to work tomorrow only if their first scheduled shift starts on or after 6 am on October 7th.  This means night shift workers whose shift ends after 6:00 tomorrow morning should not report to work at 6 am to finish the end of their shift. This is new information. Thank you for helping to make this historic sympathy strike a success.
There are two more days of sympathy strike and picketing left and we need everyone’s participation and support.

Sign Up For Your Sympathy Strike Today!

Please sign up for as many shifts as you can using the link above.

We’re going on a SYMPATHY Strike!

We are thrilled to announce the results of the recent vote on the Sympathy Strike. ESC Kaiser members have spoken loud and clear, with an overwhelming majority in favor of taking a stand.

Recap:  Sympathy Strike Townhall

Here’s a recap of the critical discussions that took place during our Sympathy Strike Town Hall event and details about the upcoming opportunity for those who might have missed it.

Join Us: Sympathy Strike Town Hall

Join us next Thursday, September 14th from 6-7pm for a critical discussion surrounding our vote for a sympathy strike in solidarity with our fellow sisters and brothers at SEIU-UHW.