The Kaiser Coalition United For All campaign is in full force, fighting for safe staffing and a fair contract that addresses patient care. Check out the most recent updates from the campaign.

National Bargaining Update Round 7 Update

Kaiser makes divisive, sorely inadequate raise proposal.

Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Charge Filed

ESC files unfair labor practice (ULP) charge against Kaiser.

National Bargaining Round 4 Update

The fourth session of National Bargaining ended with lack of progress and assertions we are ae overpaid.

National Bargaining Update: Coalition Makes Strong Proposal to Revive Partnership and PSP

The third session of National Bargaining is ending today on a hopeful note as we made significant progress in our critical discussions concerning our Labor Management Partnership. We presented Kaiser with strong and formal proposals regarding PSP and the future of the partnership.

National Bargaining Round 2 Update

The second Kaiser National Bargaining Session in Los Angeles concluded today, leaving your ESC national bargaining team feeling cautiously optimistic, but prepared for an uphill battle ahead. Both union leaders and management have committed to a partnership during the negotiation process. However, there are still many unanswered questions. This week, we continued talks regarding the staffing crisis and discussed Kaiser’s finances. We look forward to continued conversations with Kaiser to ensure our voices are heard and concerns are addressed.

National Bargaining Kicks Off in Oakland

Your IFPTE Local 20 national bargaining team members are feeling “cautiously optimistic” coming out of the first round of bargaining. Kaiser heard us multiple times regarding the difficulties in retaining healthcare professionals. They acknowledged the struggle of filling our classifications. We feel seen and heard coming out of our first session.

Selfie Action

Take a selfie or group photo to show we are together in calling on KP to invest in the frontline by March 31st.

Kaiser Open Letter Delivery

ESC members delivered our Coalition Open Letter with almost 1,000 signatures to Kaiser executives, calling on Kaiser to address the staffing crisis that’s affecting patient care. We told them that it was time for us to come together as problem solvers with real solutions for stabilizing our workforce. Our patients are depending on us.