In 2020, 35 nurse practitioners and physician assistants followed their colleagues from Santa Cruz in becoming the second group of Sutter APCs to join the Union. This group works at 13 Clinics across the North, East, and South Bay Areas. Walk-in Care Clinics represent a fast-growing segment of direct patient care for Sutter.

How Does the Negotiating Process Work?

A bargaining team made up of APCs and an experienced Chief Negotiator will sit at the negotiating table as equals with PAMF management. The negotiation process will be guided by the top priorities identified in the bargaining surveys.

No one knows exactly how long it will take to reach a fair agreement but legally PAMF cannot make changes to our wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment without negotiating with us during this time. Once an agreement is reached, all union members covered under the tentative agreement will have a chance to vote on whether or not to accept it.

The negotiation process is governed by federal and state laws that require management to negotiate in good faith and outlines a mediation process if an agreement cannot be reached. Your bargaining team will work hard to get the best possible contract possible but the real power at the bargaining table comes from a strong, united membership. 

Bargaining Updates

August 23, 2023: Contract Ratified

August 18, 2023: Tentative Agreement Details

August 15 2023: Tentative Agreement Reached

March 7, 2023: Bargaining Updates

November 4, 2022: COVID PUIs

June 2, 2022: Vote on holiday schedule; and, notice regarding 6/18 deadline for FTE status changes

May 26, 2022: Workers overwhelmingly approve settlement offer; plus, what’s next for bargaining

May 19, 2022: Vote Now — ESC Local 20, IFPTE – Sutter Walk in APC’s NLRB Settlement Vote

May 18, 2022: URGENT: WIC APCs Union Meeting TONIGHT @ 7:30 PM — Discuss Sutter’s Settlement Offer

April 15, 2022: Updates from your bargaining team on PUI visits, scheduling

March 15, 2022: Bay Area Walk-in Care APCs Vote Overwhelmingly to Keep our Union!

March 3, 2022: Sutter agrees to restore water filtration systems; bargaining over other priorities continues

February 28, 2022: PAMF WIC APCs Bargaining Update

February 24, 2022: Ballots hit your mailboxes this week – make sure to vote and let your voice be heard!

February 17, 2022: What to expect from the decertification election

February 9, 2022: Victory! Workers prevail in winning regular bargaining sessions and clean drinking water!

February 3, 2022: Your Bargaining Updates: New Tentative Agreements

January 28, 2022: Your questions about raises answered!

January 19, 2022: Updates from your Bargaining Team

October 12, 2021: Updates from your ESC Bargaining Team

June 23, 2021: Sign Our Petition To Let Sutter PAMF Know: Walk-in Clinic APCs Deserve a Fair Contract!

May 25, 2021: Sutter Delays Merit Increases Indefinitely

March 23, 2021: Welcome to ESC Local 20! Bargaining Survey Enclosed

Current Tentative Agreements (TAs)

Grievance Procedure 9/23/21

Introductory Period 9/23/21

Jury Duty 9/23/21

No Discrimination 9/23/21

Savings Clause 9/23/21

Letter of Understanding regarding .9 FTE 10/12/21

Job Postings 10/28/21

Tuition Reimbursement 02/02/22

Bereavement Leave 02/23/22

Preamble 09/15/22

Union Access 09/22/22

Layoff and Recall 09/20/22

Seniority 9/22/22

Agreed Objectives 10/06/22

Harmonious Labor Relations 10/06/22

Malpractice Insurance 10/24/22

Recognition 11/15/22

STD LTD Life 11/15/22

Employee Categories 12/13/22

Geographical Region 01/12/23

Seminars and Conferences 01/12/23

Medical, Dental, Vision 03/07/23

Leaves of Absence 03/07/23

PTO Accruals 03/07/23

Revised Bereavement Leave 4/12/23

Practice Authority TA 5/5/23

Job Descriptions 5/12/23

Per Diem Differential 5/16/23

Per Diem Holiday Work 5/23/23

Emergencies 6/14/23

Retirement 6/30/23

Corrective Action 7/11/23


Dr. Silvers Memo re: PUIs

Check back often for the latest news from the bargaining table and to find past bargaining updates.